What’s Currently on my Reading List?


Right off the bat I’ll be honest and tell you guys that I don’t keep a proper “to-read” list (I know, I probably should!). Instead, I have several books shelved on Goodreads and Amazon so that I don’t forget about them. Actually… it’s more than “several.” According to Goodreads, I have 84 books in my “Want to Read” list.

I had NO idea I had that many! There’s no way I can list them all here, but I’ll do my best to give you an idea. Here are my top books and authors from my “to read” lists:

Eve Langlais– I will read ANYTHING by this woman! I’ve read several of her series and stand-alone novels, and have never been disappointed! Here’s a list of some of her series I haven’t read yet (but totally will someday!):

Welcome to Hell

A Lion’s Pride

Cyborgs: More Than Just Machines

Princesses of Hell

Werewolves, Vampires, and Demons, Oh My

Bitten Point

The Misfits

Bad Boy Inc.

Feral Passions

Space Gypsy Chronicles

(Can I just take a moment to say how INCREDIBLY impressed I am with how prolific this author is! I mean… holy crap! I couldn’t release that many books if I spent every waking moment writing! Kuddos Mrs. Langlais… much kuddos.)

Gena Showalter First life. This is now a trilogy, and I’d like to read them all. I’m also constantly on the look-out for anything new in her Lords of the Underworld series. It’s one of my favorites!

JR Ward—Black Dagger Brotherhood. Any book after #10 is new to me. I think I have a few to catch up on!

Kresley Cole—Immortals After Dark. I’m behind a few books here too—anything after #14 is on the “must read” list. IAD is one of my TOP favorite paranormal romance series!

Lisa LadewOne True Mate 7: Shifter’s Paradox. I’ve read books 1-6 of this paranormal series about shifters, and liked every one of them. The males are alpha, but are paired with strong females. Lisa comes out with books every few months, so I never feel like I have to go back and reread the whole series to remember what happened before.

K.A. Mitchell—She writes hot gay books that I devour on plane rides! On my to-read list are two of her books: Regularly Scheduled Life and Life, Over Easy.

Jean JohnsonFinding Destiny (Sons Of Destiny #8.5). I read the first 8 of these books years ago, and loved the world she’d created! Sadly, this one has been on my list for a couple of years, but I feel that to do it justice, I have to reread the first 8. There have been too many other new authors and books come across my Kindle for that!

Shaw SavageOffside. Shay is the author of one of my favorite books- Transcendence- which is a time travel romance. I’ve read it three times, and probably will again in the future! I’d like to read another of her books to see if I’m just as interested.

Amanda Lee—Wicked Witches of the Midwest Series. I’ve only read to book 6 in this series, and she’s always coming out with something new. This series is a light, funny read, with characters that completely tickle my funny bone! If I want a good laugh, this is the series I read.

I also have a slew of books on my Kindle that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet. Most of them are new authors to me that I picked up through BookBub when they had a deal. I think this is an awesome way to be introduced to new authors, without the worry over expensive prices.

I hope this list gives you an idea of what I like to read! If you have any suggestions for me, leave a comment below! I’m always looking for new material to feed my book addiction! 🙂

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