Onalee Cormikan: She is Female, Hear her Roar!


Onalee Cormikan is a character that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a couple of years now. I was waiting for the right mates to come along—ones that would help her grow as a person, and let her come out of shell. Conall and Brogan were perfect for her!

I’m aware that I have a tendency to write females who are strong, well-educated, perhaps a bit stubborn… females who are partners for their mates, not ones who need to be coddled and constantly protected by a big, alpha male. Onalee broke that mold for me.

I wanted to write a female character who’d been sheltered her whole life, and who breaks out of her own shell. It was important for me that Onalee make this transition herself… that her males only support her, not push her to change, or make the change for her. I wanted her to be her own hero! This was very important to me.

Her entire adult life Onalee has lived at home, been taken care of by her brother and a household staff; she has never worked, is meek, mild, naive, and very deserving of a better life than the one she’s been leading. Meeting Brogan and Conall definitely spurred her to make big changes in her life, but her real motivation came from within. There’s a core of strength in Onalee that I don’t think her brother was expecting, and I love the moment he realizes it!

There’s a scene at the end of the book that I focused an incredible amount of time on because it had to be perfect. It’s Onalee’s moment! I’m so very proud of her: of how far she’s come, and where she’ll go in the future.

If you’d like to read Conall, Onalee, Brogan, and Oliver’s story, you can find it here on Amazon! It will be released on June 12th, but you can preorder it anytime before then.



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