Character Feature- Ian


Ian Fletcher is a unique character. He’s originally from Earth, but has been living most of his life on an alien world. Ian crashed on Aeonas as a young child with his grandparents, and their sailboat. In the years since, he converted their family’s boat for use by the freedivers. Each day, he and his team go out and dive for sea creatures that live on the bottom of the ocean, bringing them back to feed the colonists. It’s grueling work, day in and day out.

Life on Aeonas hasn’t been easy for him (and the other two-hundred people stranded there). They worked hard for everything they have, and face a constant struggle for survival. Now that the Arathians are helping them, I think his background gives Ian a true sense of appreciation that many of the other colonists don’t have.

He doesn’t have to dive from dawn to dusk, providing food for the colony. He and the others aren’t starving any longer, and now they have time for other pursuits.

It’s amazing what you can think about when you’re not half-starved.

Ian is now enjoying parts of his life that used to be overshadowed by basic survival. He can have days off, enjoy his evenings, have regular showers, a full belly, and (most importantly) he can focus on the two people whom he’s been lusting after since they arrived on the planet.

Ian is many things; one of which is a natural dominant. Most of which is reserved for the bedroom.




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