Character Confessions: Conall Has Something to Say

As excited as I am about my new book being released, I have one main character who’s less than happy. His name is Conall, and seeing as though I put him through the proverbial ringer, I felt it fair to let him vent some of his frustration.

He’s joining us via vid screen from his new home on the planet of Arath, thousands of lightyears from Earth.

Nicole- “Conall, thank you for joining me today! I feel like we haven’t talked in a while.”

Conall- “That’s because I’ve been avoiding you, but I’m glad to hear you admit that what you put me through while writing this bloody book was wrong.”

(I’d forgotten how much I LOVE his Scottish brogue!)

Nicole- “I didn’t say that I what did was wrong. I said I put you ‘through the ringer.’”

Conall- “Either way, I didn’t appreciate it.”

Nicole- “I know. You made that abundantly clear while I was writing the story. Remember that blog post I wrote last year? I spent a several hundred words venting my frustration with how obstinate you were being.”

Conall- “That’s because you moved me to an alien planet! And as if that’s no’ bad enough, you foisted Brogan and Onalee at me, knowing perfectly well what would happen.”

Nicole- “I didn’t foist anyone.”

Conall- “You did.”

Nicole- … “Maybe.”

Conall- “You introduced me to a male you knew I’d have confusing feelings for.”

Nicole- “Guilty. But in my defense I was hoping that you’d develop deep feelings for Brogan, not just confusing feelings.”

Conall-“That doesn’t make it better. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, right when I was about to take a leap of faith, you abandoned me.”


Nicole- “That’s true, I did take a break from your story to write something else. But in my defense, I did that because of your stubborn refusal to listen and trust me! You forced me to take a break to keep my own sanity.”

Conall- “What of my sanity? You left me, confused about my sexuality… wanting two people but unable to move forward.”

Nicole- “I am sorry. At the time I didn’t know how to convince you to continue in the story with me, and I thought that a little separation would do us some good. In my defense, it worked. When I came back to Alien Revelation, I was able to help you through your self-identity crisis.”

Conall- “More like gave me a swift kick in the arse.”

Nicole- “Well… it worked, didn’t it?”

Conall- “Don’t expect me to thank you for the heartache.”

Nicole- “Conall, don’t you understand? Everything I did was to give you your own happily ever after. I knew that you deserved it, and so did many readers who requested that this book feature you as a main character.”

Conall- “People actually asked you to write my story?”

Nicole- “Yes, and I listened to them because I care about you and your son, Oliver. I knew that it would be a hard journey for you, but I wrote your story anyway. What can I say? I have a softstpot for sexy highlanders with a thick… brogue.”

Conall- …

Nicole- “Conall, are you blushing?”

Conall- “Of coure no’. It’s just hot in here.”

(Brogan steps onscreen at Conall’s side)

Brogan- “You know perfectly well that the home’s AI keeps this room at a prefect temperature.”

Conall- “You’re no’ helping, Brogan.”

Brogan- “I wasn’t trying to help. You’re doing a good job digging yourself into a hole without me offering you another shovel.”

Conall- “Whose side are you on?!”

Brogan- “Ours. Always. But Nicole did make us an “us.””

Conall- “I suppose.”

Brogan- “You suppose… is that the best you can do?”

(Did Brogan’s voice just lower, going all gravely and sexy?)

Nicole- “Brogan! No nibbling on his neck in public! Boys, we’re the guest on someone’s blog! You can’t act like horny teenagers.”

Brogan- “To quote Onalee: “Don’t you know anything about Arathians? We’re very affectionate.’”

(Onalee joins the two males onscreen)

Onalee- “I said that to Oliver, not Conall.”

Brogan- “It still applies.”

Conall- “Oy, I thought I was the guest on this blog, not the entire bloody household.”

Onalee- “Oh, Conall. Count yourself lucky your mother isn’t here. She’d give you an earful for the things you’ve been saying.”

Conall- “Don’t you dare tell my mother.” (Is that genuine fear in his eyes?)

Onalee- “That all depends.”

Conall- “On what?”

Onalee- “On whether or not you apologize to Nicole for your tone.”

Conall- “But I wasn’t wrong; she put me through hell these last few months!”

Onalee- “She did. But you know it was for your own good. That’s why I’m saying you need to apologize for your tone, not your words.”

(There’s some grumbling about him being treated like his 10-year old son.)

Conall- “Fine. I’m sorry that I was rude before.”

Nicole- “Thank you. And I’m sorry that I left your story to work on another. I’ll try to not leave characters hanging like that ever again.”

Conall- “You’re going to write MORE stories like mine?”

Nicole- “Not like yours exactly, but yes, I have many more in mind.”

Conall- “Poor bastards.”

Nicole- “Conall, thanks for joining me today. Is there anything else you’d like to say to our audience?”

Conall- “Aye, go buy the bloody book so that all of this would have been worth it.”

Nicole- “Conall… seriously?”

(Finally the corner of his mouth turns up in a saucy grin)

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