Advanced Capital to Luxury Cruise Liner: The Settings of Alien Revelation


Alien Revelation is set on the planet of Arath, across the galaxy from Earth. Most of the story takes place in the capital city of Talavera and the surrounding countryside where the royals and the MacLeod family have homes.

My readers will get to see the impressive capital city, the Arathian High Council building, the MacLeod’s home, and the royal summer palace.

I had a lot of fun creating the MacLeod’s home on Arath, which was generously built by Karo and Aevum. I love how each of the family members have different favorite areas and are customizing the large home to meet their needs. Some of them love the advanced technology embedded within… some find it strange that LINK is literally everywhere. Claire has taken over the greenhouse and landscaping, while Artair is putting the vid screens to good use watching runkall. It’s great to see them adapting (or not) to their new lives!

Some scenes from the book are also set on a Lurizian party ship which is in Arath’s orbit, ready to host a massive party for the royal coronation. It’s a decadent ship, with all kinds of surprises in store for its guests.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the book is also set during a dynamic political time for the Arathians. The race is still infertile, and the only way for them to reproduce is naturally with an Earther. There are some on the planet who don’t believe in mixing Arathian and Earther DNA. They don’t believe that Earthers are the key to saving their race, and would rather continue to search for a way to fix their own DNA than open their planet to an influx of immigrants.
The fact that Lukas (an Earther) is about to be crowned their High King, a prestigious title on Arath, isn’t helping matters.

I hope this gives you all a better understanding of Alien Revelation’s settings. The novel is available NOW on Amazon in ebook, paperback, and audiobook!


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