What Does it Feel Like to Publish My 6th Full-Length Book?

I am ecstatic that my 6th full-length novel is launching TOMORROW!! I feel like doing a happy dance all around my house!

If you haven’t already, visit Alien Revelation’s Amazon page to pre-order it now. It will be downloaded onto your Kindle tomorrow! OR you can buy it in paperback or audiobook.

I’m incredibly proud of Alien Revelation! I began writing it a year ago, so I’ve had a long time to fall in love with the characters. I love how strong Brogan is for his loved ones, I love how Onalee grows as a person, and I love Conall’s devotion to his family. The three of them were meant to be together and I’m so excited to have made that happen!

In many ways AR was difficult for me to write—I spent an incredible amount of time on the characters’ relationships with one another because they had to be perfect. I was putting them (especially Conall) through the ringer, and I needed to be sure that they would be alright when they came out at the other end.

I’m especially proud that Alien Revelation is going to release during Gay Pride Month! The sex-positive themes in my novels that are so important to me and even more evident in this novel. One of my main goals throughout my writing career has been to support sex-positivity, no matter my characters’ gender or sexual orientation. I pushed my characters harder than I ever have before and I’m so proud of how it turned out.

As excited as I am for you all to read Alien Revelation, I find myself distracted by my next projects. I have things lined up that are going to be AWESOME, and I can’t wait to work on them! To stay up to date on my future releases, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter!



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