Character featurette: Duran

Duran of Arath was a different character for me to write. He has good reason to keep his distance from females; it’s not that he doesn’t like them, or isn’t attracted to them—quite the opposite actually—they terrify him.

He’s a strong male in his own right, but his past has left him scarred. He made a promise long ago that he’s determined to not break, even for someone like Adrianna. He’s never been in a relationship with a female. Hell, he’s barely been friends with one. So when his mate, Saric, tells him that he has feelings for an Earther named Adrianna, Duran doesn’t know what to do.

Years ago—before they’d mated—he and Saric had agreed not to include a female in their relationship, but now his mate was going back on that promise. Worse… Duran seems to have feelings for her too. Deep feelings. Ones that he can’t ignore.



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