Book Review #2 (Positive one this time!)


All week it’s been bothering me that the first book review I’ve ever posted on this blog was a negative one. You don’t know how rare it is for me to not like a book! But it does happen, and I had to be honest in my review.

Last week I read a new book series (well… it’s new to me)- “The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride” by Kristen Painter; 1st book in the Nocturne Falls series.

Let me start off by saying that I really liked this book, and have already bought to next few in the series! The story line was interesting, the characters developed, and I liked their banter. The premise is interesting- a tourist town where “Everyday is Halloween!” so that the shifters/vampires/Fae/witches/etc. can be themselves. I like the concept, and am looking forward to reading more in the series.

The first book is about Hugh and Delaney. Hugh is a vampire bachelor, whose grandmother (also a vampire) orders him a mail order bride because she wants grandchildren. This is the first vampire romance I’ve read where the main character has a grandmother; she added humor, and made Hugh seem more “normal” than a vampire would otherwise be.

Delaney is not a mail order bride. She’s a woman who’s forced to run from her hometown, and takes on the identity of Hugh’s intended to have a safe place to lay low. I like that she’s down to Earth, relatable, and doesn’t act like a simpering female when she finds out that vampires exist. She’s my kind of leading lady! 🙂

The only downside to this book is that I prefer the romance novels I read to have sex in them. This one shows the characters falling in love—and lust—with each other, and they do end up having sex, but it’s the behind-closed-doors, camera-pans-towards-the-fluttering-window-curtain, kind of sex. She leads the characters up to it, and they reflect back on how great it was after, but we don’t get to see it. I know that lots of people prefer this in novels… I don’t, but that’s just me! Even with the sex being portrayed in this fashion, I still really liked the book and would recommend it to others.



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