Author Challenge: Review Alien Revelation As If It Weren’t Your Book


Reviewing my own books is always a challenge for me, but I’ll give it my best shot!

Alien Revelation is the story of Conall, an Earther male who has recently moved to the planet of Arath with his young son and family. Conall finds himself struggling with his purpose on the planet, where everything has been provided for him. His son, Oliver, is thriving, but Conall feels lost.

His life and self-identity are forever changed when he’s introduced to an Arathian male named Brogan and a female named Onalee. These two challenge his belief that he’s a heterosexual and monogamous man.

The book’s main focus is on Conall’s struggles, but it’s also about Onalee finding the strength and confidence to step out of her brother’s shadow and lead her own life. Both are elements that wouldn’t be possible without the immovable support of Brogan.

—Alien Revelation promotes sex-positivity and shows that sexuality is fluid. We can believe we’re a certain sexual identity, only to realize that we’re wrong. Something that’s perfectly okay and natural!
—There’s a large focus on family.
—The characters’ relationships build naturally and don’t feel rushed.
—The action sequence (no, not the sexual kind of “action”) is AWESOME!
—Onalee’s struggle with her family is one that’s relatable, even though she’s an otherworlder.
—Readers get to continue seeing the MacLeod family, the Arathian royal trio, the colonists, and rising tensions on Arath.
—It definitely opens up the series for more novels!

—Conall’s refusal to recognize his attraction to Brogan means that there’s a lot of sexual tension.
—The sex all happens in the second half of the book.
—Brogan treats Conall too carefully, instead of being an alpha and taking what he wants. (I MUST add that this is something I LOVE about Brogan… but I understand that for some people, this is a con.)
— Onalee is too meek and mild.

Since I’m the author of the book AND this blog post, I’m taking advantage and am going to address the “cons” I just wrote.

—Conall takes a long time to acknowledge his feelings for Brogan, but I wrote it that way purposefully! Conall comes from small-town rural Scotland, where he’s never personally known a homosexual person. He was married (and deeply in love with) a woman who died tragically a few years prior in a car crash. He also has a young son who’s his primary concern. To suddenly feel sexually attracted to another man hits him hard. He doesn’t know how to process his feelings, so it takes him a while to accept that he wants Brogan. The waiting makes it all the better, I promise!

—The sex happens in the second half of the book… it’s true, but if you’ve read my books before, you know that I don’t have my characters jump into the sack early in their relationship. I’m a more “wine and dine” author, than a “wham-bam!” author. 🙂

—Some people may say that Brogan needed to take charge and push Conall to get what they all wanted. I disagree. Conall is in a delicate place in his life, and I love that Brogan was able to put his own needs (and maybe his alpha tendencies) aside and take care of Conall. Not everything can be done with rough and demands. Conall needed to come to terms with his sexuality on his own, and Brogan realizes this.

—Onalee is meek and mild, but that’s what makes it so great when she finally takes control of her own life! She goes on a journey throughout this book too, and I’m proud of the female she becomes.

I hope this gives you all a better understanding of what makes Alien Revelation so awesome! It comes out on June 12th in paperback and audiobook, and is available NOW for pre-order through Amazon!



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