Alien Revelation Releases During Gay Pride Month!


It’s Gay Pride Month, and I am ecstatic that my latest novel Alien Revelation comes out on June 12th!

I timed this release purposefully to fall during Gay Pride because Conall’s struggle with his sexuality is a central element in this book. He has always believed that he’s a heterosexual man, but when that’s put into question, he’s forced to reexamine his self-identity… it’s a difficult thing for anyone to process.

I think that many people can relate to his struggle; I hope that my readers find either comfort in his story or the strength to fight for who they truly are, not who they’re “supposed” to be.

Through my books, I hope to help people open their minds to something they may never have considered before in their own sexual explorations or cultural exposures, and find a greater understanding and acceptance of the erotic possibilities that could be available to anyone… regardless of what they may have thought their sexual orientation was when they started reading.

I want to encourage my readers to be yourselves! Wherever you fall on the sexual spectrum, there’s nothing wrong with you; you’re exactly who you’re meant to be. Love comes in many forms—each of them beautiful and natural in their own way.

Like the graphic says:
Straight? Gay? Bi? Trans? NO! You’re a person, first and foremost. Embrace who you are and be yourself!

I will continue to have positive LGBTQ messages in my books, so if you’re interested in staying up to date on my future releases (and get some pretty awesome bonus content!) subscribe to my newsletter through this website!



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