Who to Focus on Next? Choices, choices…

The time has come for me to think about my next novel. Actually, I’ve been thinking ahead since I sent Unearthed to my editor back in March. Crazy huh? But remember that the process of writing a book is a LONG one!

The choice on who to focus on next is a difficult one, so I thought I’d give you some insight into my options.

–Do I stick with the Sirilians? I’ve only told two of the Scout’s stories and there’s at least one more Scout unaccounted for. Do I want to write their story?

—Conall- he’s a widower, a father, and one hell of a nice guy. Does he need to find his Happily Ever After?

An even bigger question: Do I want to write another book in the Arathian Series? There are lots of characters to focus on- here are a few options:

–Torei & Tolani- enough time has gone by for Jayda’s twins to grow up a few years and begin having romances of their own.

—Earthers on Aeonas- I haven’t checked back in with Aeonas since Rex became mayor at the end of Alien Rescue. There’s now a few hundred Earthers on the colony… a story could be written about any of them.

–Saric & Duran- two Arathians left on Aeonas with the colonists. They’re already mated, but have they found a third? (Is it bad for me to admit that I have no idea?)

–Someone rescued by the Adastra crew- The Adastra is still in orbit around our planet rescuing Earthers who have terminal diseases (like Maggie). Over the past few years I’m sure they’ve saved several more. Lots of possibilities for stories!

OR… Do I want to begin an entirely new series?

Do you see the problem I have? There are entirely too many options! Thankfully, I had plenty of time to mull them all over and I have a plan. Want to know what it is? Stay tuned…





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