What I’m Researching For My Next Book

Most of you know that I’m right in the middle of moving; a life challenge that has delayed me writing my next project. But just because I’m not actively writing, doesn’t mean that I’m not working. I’m ALWAYS working! Right now I’m researching for my next project: the 3rd novella. There are two main things I need to research: sports and immigration.

The 3rd novella will feature Kaitie as our leading lady. She’s a unique character for me. In a lot of ways, she and I are complete opposites; Kaitie is adventurous to the extreme… an adrenaline junkie who needs her next fix to stay happy. She wasn’t content on Aeonas and is (very eagerly) moving to Arath. Her book will be about this transition, her meeting her guys, and her finding happiness.


The challenging thing for me is that I have to show Kaitie in her “happy place.” I’ll need to have her rock climbing, parasailing, hang-gliding (there’s a difference between those two, right?), but I know NOTHING about any of those activities! She’s also on an alien planet, so I’ll need to come up with a few “alien-like” adrenaline-inducing sports.

In order to write something believable, and to better understand Kaitie and why she needs this, I’ll need to research these activities. I need to know what rock climbing gear she had in her luggage when her plane crashed, and if she can adapt it to an alien world. I need to know the dangers of these sports and how to keep her safe. I need to know WHERE people do these sports so that I can create proper settings.

Understanding the sports that Kaitie craves will help me to better understand HER. It will also help me figure out what males would make her happy. Will they do the same sports as her? I have NO IDEA! I can’t see them clearly yet, but I’m working on it. 🙂


Not only is Kaitie moving to Arath, but there are a couple hundred Earthers all moving there at the same time. Arath is used to having non-natives living among them, but I need to figure out a litany of things:

–Where will they all live?

–How will they find work?

–How will they pay to live in Arath?

–Is there an agency helping them? If so, is it run by the government or is it private?

Honestly the list goes on and on, but they’re all important aspects of this book. Research is something that I have to do for every book that I write, and this novella is not an exception.

I’m excited to see where the research takes me and how it shapes the story!


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