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Reading Order- Books by Nicole Krizek

Reading order for books and novellas by Nicole Krizek

Keep in mind that each of these are stand-alone novels, and can be read separately. BUT, it’s my opinion that they’re better if they’re read in order.

Below is the reading order for my books… with an important asterisk.


1- Alien Savior- The Arathian Series 

2- Alien Rescue- The Arathian Series 

3- Alien Incursion- The Arathian Series 

4- Adrift- The Sirilians*

5- Unearthed- The Sirilians

6- Shipmates: An Arathian Universe Novella**

7- Tropical Temptation: An Arathian Universe Novella

8- Alien Revelation: The Arathian Series- Available June 12, 2018

9- Novella #3- releasing fall 2018


* Adrift and Unearthed are “technically” in a different series, BUT they’re set in the same universe. Plus, the three main characters from Alien Incursion play huge supporting roles.

** Shipmates and Tropical Temptation are both novellas, meaning that they’re shorter than normal-length novels. You can skip them if you’d like, but I think that my novels are best when they’re all read as one unit.


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