It’s Friday the 13th: Let’s Have Some Paranormal Fun!

Since it’s Friday the 13th I thought I’d talk about the paranormal series that I’m hoping to begin (relatively) soon.

The inspiration for this new series came to me in a dream:

I saw a grand hall where gods and goddesses from the Atlantean pantheon were having a celebration. There was a single child: a little girl who’s the daughter of the king and queen of the pantheon.

Everyone is having a great time until Zeus arrives with the other Greek gods and goddesses. They’re jealous of the well-loved Atlanteans, so they attack, turning them all into stone except for the little girl who hides. Zeus believes that the Atlanteans’ powers will transfer into himself, but they instead go into the little girl.

The only Atlanteans to survive the Greeks’ attack is a portion the king’s warriors. Imagine a fighting force that was created to protect the island of Atlantis… not quite demigods, but not human either.

This is the back story but the series will take place in modern time, centuries after the Greeks attacked and laid waste to the Atlanteans.

How will it be different from the Arathians?

—It’s not a sci-fi series; it won’t be set in space with aliens and new technology. It will take place on Earth, and probably other planes of reality (imagine the Atlantean version of Mt. Olympus).

—Each book will focus on one/a pair/a triad of main characters. At least one of these characters will be a member of the Atlantean Warriors. Because the warriors are a team and live together on an island, each of them will be in every book.

—Magic will exist. In the Arathian Series, “magic” is just advanced technology… this will not be the case in the new series.

How will this series be similar to the Arathians?

—The biggest similarity is that I will continue to focus and promote a spectrum of sexuality. I have not plotted the books out yet, but I’m sure that most will be menages. Some characters may be homosexual, some may be heterosexual, and others will be all in between.

When can I expect to release the new series?

The short answer is that I don’t know. I wanted to begin writing the first book in January, but my timelines have been thrown ever since we found out that my family is moving. I’m supposed to be writing a novella and full-length novel right now, but instead, I’m packing up a house, searching for a rental, and enrolling my kids in a new school. I promise to work on the new series as soon as I can!

Does this mean that the Arathian Series is finished?

Absolutely not! I still have several more books in that series that I want to write. I’m definitely not done, but I will switch gears for a while to create this new series.

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