Unearthed by Nicole Krizek

Chapter 20 Excerpt from “Unearthed”

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“What ever will we do with our free time?” she teased Reus as she rocked her hips against him. They both moaned, and she repeated the motion. He captured her lips with his own and arched up into her, intensifying the feeling and sending a shot of arousal through her body.

She wanted him. More than she’d ever wanted anyone in her life. Yes, it’d been a while, but Ashlyn knew that no other man had ever made her feel like this. None had ever set her spine on fire.

His hands ran up and down her body as she writhed atop him, neither one breaking their kiss. They were lost in one another. Alone in their own world.

“I want you inside me,” Ashlyn told him, and was surprised by the need she heard in her own voice. He kissed her even more desperately, and brought his palm to her breast, slowly massaging, then kneading and pinching her nipples. She reared back to pull her shirt over her head, and he followed her into a sitting position.

The second she whisked the fabric over her head, his mouth fell to one of her breasts. Not quite a handful, their small size didn’t deter Reus in the slightest. He laved her nipple with his tongue, then opened wide and suckled her into his mouth. Ashlyn moaned and cradled his head to her chest, as he switched to give her other breast the same attention.

Her fingers went into his hair, and used it to anchor him to herself. The sensations were too good, and she didn’t want him to stop. Eventually his mouth trailed up to her collarbone, across her chest, and up her neck before melding with her lips. He only paused for a moment when she insisted he pull his shirt over his head, then he was back at her mouth, nipping and suckling her lips, before lying back down and pulling her with him.

Reus marveled at the feeling of having Ashlyn atop him. The bare skin of their chests rubbed together, allowing him to feel her beaded nipples. He wanted to pause to pay the pink tips proper homage, but was afraid that he’d interrupt the spell they were both under.

Her lips detached from his and began an exploration of his jaw, neck, and chest. The gentle caresses were arousing, and he looked down to watch her.

Last night he’d learned something about this woman, something horrible about her past. She’d been abused… something no person, male or female, should ever have to experience. Ashlyn was strong, she’d persevered, and Reus felt a measure of guilt that he’d triggered those horrible memories. Although it had been inadvertent, he was determined to tread more carefully. He’d never be able to erase or replace the horror of her past, but he could help her move forward.

It would be his pleasure… literally. He just needed to move slowly, and be a little creative. It was clear that her abuse had not clouded her sexual arousal completely—especially since she was currently grinding atop him with her tongue sliding across his skin—but he’d have to be cautious. No lying atop her. He could do that.

His diligent thoughts of how best to proceed completely derailed as Ashlyn suckled on one of his nipples, just like he had done to hers. Sensation shot through his body, and his cock pulsed. Erupting in her hands had not nearly been enough for him. He needed to feel her sheathed around him; needed to meld their bodies together. The need was instinctual, and primal. At that moment, nothing mattered more than the incredible woman who was kissing and licking her way down his stomach to where the tip of his shaft was exposed, past the waistband of his pants.

His body tensed in anticipation as he watched her near her goal. With the first flick of her pink tongue, the breath rushed out of his lungs. Her brown eyes locked onto his face as she slowly drew down the fabric, her tongue following the movement and sliding along his now-exposed cock.

His hips lifted slightly to press himself more firmly against her mouth, but she took advantage of the movement and whisked the pants down, exposing his groin to her ministrations. She shifted her position to kneel between his legs, and wasted no time diving back onto him, this time taking him between her lips and swirling her tongue around head.

“That feels amazing!” he told her, threading his hands into her hair. She didn’t understand his words, but his tone was obvious. He saw a twinkle of female satisfaction in her eyes before she took more of him into her mouth, with added suction. Pressure on him built, as her cheeks hollowed and she began bobbing her head. Sensation shot through his body, causing his hips to surge forward. She moaned and repeated the movement, adding one hand to the base of his shaft. The other began caressing his sack.

“Ashlyn, you’re driving me crazy!” His words came loudly, and he was once again grateful that they were alone in the house. More pressure built at the base of his spine, and Reus knew he needed to pull her off. He didn’t want to come again before feeling himself sheathed in her wet heat.

“Come up here,” he instructed her. When she didn’t release him, he tugged gently on her hair to get her attention. Her eyes went to his, and he motioned with both hands, waving her up.

She pulled off of him with a pop and a playful smile, and moved to straddle his thighs. He encouraged her to crawl up his body, taking her lips for a brief moment while sliding his hands into the waistband of her pants. She shoved at the material, and he helped her push it from her body one leg at a time.

Once bared, she shifted to align their hips, but as much as he wanted to slide inside her, he needed to taste her first. Smelling her arousal hadn’t been nearly enough.

He gave a slight shake to his head. “Not yet,” he told her as he grasped her hips and pulled her up his body. She quirked a brow in question, but allowed him to shift her where he needed her—positioned right over his face, with her knees on either side of his head. He inhaled the scent of her arousal, and pre-cum leaked from the tip of his cock.

“Reus?” There was uncertainty in her tone.

He looked up her body and met her eyes. He saw the blush of embarrassment light her cheeks, but didn’t sense the fear that had been there last night. This was exactly where he wanted her, but he had to wordlessly convince her that this was as wonderful for him as he hoped it’d be for her. He held her gaze, and breathed her in audibly. He moaned, and rolled his eyes back in his head, trying to convey the volume of arousal flooding his body from her scent. He met her eyes again, almost pleadingly, his brows furrowed, his head nodding… Yes? his face questioned.

He saw her eyes go wide with sudden arousal, embarrassment nearly forgotten, as her head slowly began to mirror the action of his, nodding with him as she she allowed her thighs to relax against the pull of his arms, settling her cleft onto his waiting mouth. Her taste exploded on his tongue like an addicting drug, and he lapped at her like an addict getting his fix.

In the back of his mind, he heard her cry out in pleasure, and felt the bed shake as she grasped the metal headboard to steady herself. But it was like background music to the roaring in his head. His entire body and mind was centered on her. He explored every inch, stabbed his tongue into her core, suckled and flicked her clit, and delighted in the feel, scent, and taste of her.

Dimly, he felt fingers thread through his hair, but it was the combination of hearing his name, and the feel of her yanking on the strands that made him release his hold on her hips. She raised up slightly.

“Reus! It’s too much,” she told him breathlessly. He looked up her body to see her slumped forward, one hand holding tight to the headboard, the other still in his hair. The skin of her face, neck, and chest was flushed, and she was breathing hard. He smiled in satisfaction. She was the perfect picture of an aroused female, but if she said that it was too much, he’d take heed.

Carefully watching her face, he nodded his understanding, and applied gentle pressure to her hips again until she sank down the couple of inches that separated them. He purposefully ignored her little bud, and instead ran his tongue and lips slowly over every other centimeter of her womanly flesh. He nipped at her, played with her curls, and only teased the tip of his tongue into her core. The grip on his hair eased, but she began shifting her hips to get his tongue where she needed.

Torturous as it was for them both, he ignored her and continued to tease. This time he built the flame of her arousal slowly until she practically begged for him to add more pressure. When he finally pressed his tongue deeply into her core, her body convulsed.

“Oh my God, Reus. Yes!” she moaned, and he rewarded her by doing it again. He swirled his tongue inside of her, and she began tossing her head back and forth in passion.

“I need more of you,” she exclaimed, as she moved her apex out of reach of his mouth, walking on her knees down his body. He caught her lips with his own the moment her face was within reach. She moaned and suckled, seeming to like the taste of herself on his lips and tongue, until suddenly his engorged shaft was riding her cleft, nearly at the entrance to her core. A wave crashed through his body, and together they shuddered.

Ashlyn suddenly gasped and disengaged their mouths, her eyes wide. “Do you have any condoms?”

It took a moment for his mind to switch from intense arousal to conversation. What was a condom and why did they need one? All Reus needed was her!

His brows knit together in question.

She gave her head a slight shake, as if she were berating herself for asking something silly. “Of course you don’t have condoms,” she corrected. “What I mean is: do you have any birth control, so that I don’t get pregnant?”

She hid her eyes as her cheeks turned a light shade of pink that had Reus smiling. She looked back up at him through tendrils of hair. “Can you even get me pregnant?”

Reus considered her question. It was highly probable that Sirilians and Earthers were distantly related, so there was a chance they could make a baby. In the future. Right now the probability of that happening was zero. He’d been implanted with a Sirilian device many years ago that prevented him getting anyone pregnant. His little swimmers weren’t currently seaworthy.

He smiled broadly and shook his head. Ashlyn visibly relaxed and let out a relieved breath.

Hoping that he’d waylaid her fears, Reus slid his hand into the hair at the back of Ashlyn’s head and pulled her forward. Their lips touched, and soon all thoughts of further discussion were eclipsed by passion.

She began moaning and rocking against him, covering his cock in her arousal.

Of their own accord, his hips arched, notching the tip of his shaft inside of her for a brief moment. He pulled back and watched her closely to make sure that she was still with him in the moment, and had not become lost in her memories, but she moaned, “Don’t tease me now, I need more!” and he was happy to oblige.

He arched again, and when he backed off, her hips followed, sheathing him to the hilt in one fluid motion. She felt hot, wet, and perfect.

His eyes locked onto hers, and Reus felt something slide into place that had nothing to do with their bodies. His chest constricted yet was filled at the same time, and an emotion he couldn’t place overwhelmed his heart. He reached up and cupped her cheek, bringing her down for a kiss. He enjoyed the feel of her lips while her body adjusted to fit his size.

Only after her muscles had loosened did he begin to arch his hips gently. She moaned into his mouth and rocked forward then back a few times, building speed as they went. They fell into a demanding rhythm. Suddenly she pulled away, sitting upright on him with her hands braced on his chest. The change of angle was perfect. Now he was free to play with her breasts, pinching the pink tips softly at first, then with more pressure.

Too soon his balls began pulling up tightly against his body as his climax built. He was helpless to stop from coming, but was determined to bring her along with him. He braced one hand on her sternum to help keep her upright, licked the thumb of his other hand, and brought it between their bodies, the new position allowing her clit to rub against it with every thrust.

Ashlyn cried out, and he felt the walls of her pussy clamp down onto him. He nearly shot into her, but somehow managed to hold himself back.

“Yes! Keep doing that!” she exclaimed, and rode him harder. It was only a few strokes more before she yelled, “Reus! I’m coming!” and her sheath locked onto him as she rode him through her orgasm.

There was no way he could hold back any longer. He gave a couple more thrusts, then yelled as he shot jet after jet of his seed into her. Even when he was spent, he could still feel her muscles quaking with aftershocks of pleasure, seeming to milk every drop from him.

Ashlyn collapsed atop him, her weight like a comforting blanket. He ran his hands over her skin and through her hair, while speaking softly.

It was quite a while before either of them found the strength or will to move. She rolled off of him, and Reus had to stop himself from covering her with his body. Instead, he followed her onto his side and kissed her. It was tender, a silent thank you for sharing her body with him. When he pulled back her expression was tender. He smiled at her, and lightly kissed his way across her face.

She giggled and pushed him away. “We’d better get cleaned up.”

Reus watched her stand and begin to dig through drawers for clean clothes. He propped his head on a bent elbow and followed her movements intently. She was gorgeous: her body slender and tall, with a dusting of hair. Her waist had a soft curve that led to two dimples above her perfect ass. Next time, he’d spend an hour getting acquainted with every valley, peak, and hollow. She caught his grin and smiled back.

“What are you thinking?” she asked. His smile broadened, and she chuckled. “Again?”

Always, his mind replied.

“I’m afraid that we may not have the time. The last thing either of us need is to be caught by Mum and Da’ with our pants down… literally.”

They both laughed, and he conceded that she was right. They’d taken advantage of a rare moment alone in the house, but he was sure that they’d be able to steal more opportunities in the following days.

Reus got up from bed—his joints not protesting as much as before—and went to her side. He brought her back to his front, and wrapped her in his arms. She leaned back, dropping her head onto his chest, and sighed. He kissed her head, temple, anywhere he could reach, and managed to keep his hands from wandering—but just barely.

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